Best nootropic stack or drug for motivation, memory and concentration

Best nootropic stack reviews

1) acetyl l tyrosine with vinpocetine and phosphatidyl serine maybe some pharma gaba, a sativa strain of weed, yerba matte for caffeine, all preceded by a first thing in the morning hypnosis session to drive the subconscious mind for the day for any men out there also feel free to add a test booster to that as well or an estrogen blocking herb like chrysin to boost free testosterone and you will be unstoppable, do not do this last thing if you are a woman.

2)  I am bipolar, and bupropion(sp?), abilify, and trileptal,and valium was what they originally put me on and it almost killed me. I put on 50 lbs and things got really bad, I couldn’t get a job or anything. My muscles deteriorated, I was slowly dying. I went off them and just on one anti-depressant and a bunch of supplements, mixed with diet and exercise and I am better than I have ever been in my life. Better than before the bipolar took over my life. I take DHEA, excellerol, zinc, mct oil, fish oil, krill oil, Choline complex. Protein powder coconut oil smoothies. CoQ10, macha, ashwagandha, cordyceps, B vitamin complex, inositol, ginseng. I would highly recommend ditching the abilify. Get a new doctor, this one has not done their research. When I called my old doctor to complain about the bad advice I got, I found out that he died of a pill overdose. Ironic isn’t it. This helped me, I wish you the best of luck in your wellness. If you don’t take your diet seriously the meds will make you gain tons of weight. Which makes you depressed. Funny how that works.

3) I have bipolar as well. I am looking into Selegiline and thinking of getting a prescription from the next shrink I see. Antipsychotics suck dick if you don’t have acute mania. If you are super manic, get prescription for Seroquel and use sparingly. Personally I haven’t had to use my prescription Seroquel for the longest time. I will be including Lithium Oro in my stack. Buproprion is bad and so is any other antipsychotic and most antidepressants. Lithium Carbonate is the most effective but too strong with a lot of adverse side effects. I will let people know about my experiences with Lithium Oro soon. My best nootropic stack includes Kratom, bacopa, Ashwaghandha, uridine, fish oil, and sparingly using 5-HTP.

4) Loved my first week on just a-GPC and Bacopa! Quicker recall (better short-term mem,) much more fluid speech (less “ummms” and awkward pauses trying to find the right word) and more energy and motivation. Adding aniracetam tomorrow.

Here’s my experience with this substance. (1.25 mg per day for a month) I’d love to hear from others and their experiences.
Selegiline was incredible for motivation, assertiveness, attention to detail, a huge increase on libido, goal oriented and social behavior. For me it was THE “get things done” tablet. I always tried to make a log about my experiences with Noots and this was the only one that I managed to write, almost in excruciating detail. SADLY…It also caused me intolerable side effects: I became irritable, impatient and mean to others. Lost interest for playing music. Sometimes I felt like a robot and sat down with a stern expression just staring. The absolute deal breaker was a persistent feeling of my personal space being invaded, and misperception of object proximity to the point of flinching about a car crash that wasn’t anywhere near happening. If I had to do a warning about my experience it would be: “PEOPLE AND OBJECTS MAY APPEAR MUCH CLOSER (AND ANNOYING) while on Selegiline”. I stopped it and sure enough all the effects, good and bad, went away.

6) Exercise, meditation, and proper diet are the big three
I am a big advocate of Kratom as it has consistently kept my productivity levels at a good pace but with any substance comes tolerance build up. U are going to need something to combat the dopamine and serotonin antagonistic properties of Quetiapine tho. Also u shouldn’t have to take that everyday def not good. Psychiatrists are stupid sometimes cause they need to provide the right combination of meds necessary. Monotherapy medical treatment doesn’t work.

7) Noopept. Moda will work on your alertness, motivation while Noopept will help your memory, reasoning and concentration. Noopept also offers neuroprotection.
If you plan to use Modalert often make sure you take a Magnesium supplement and B Complex. You need these cofactors for increased neurotransmitter production. If your diet isn’t great, consider a multivitamin.

8) In no need for best nootropic stack. I only stick to piracetam. I started Nootropil 3 yrs after traumatic head injury from car accident. After three weeks my memory started to slowly rework itself using the other side of brain…I could retain info from a whole paragraph, then a whole chapter, by 4 months reading several books per week. 800 mg. X 2-3 per day. Its awesome

9) Prozac made me insane. Literally. It triggered a full blown manic episode in which I couldn’t stop laughing hysterically, and it was truly scary. My blood work was done and nurses immediately took me off of it; apparently I was having serotonin syndrome from elavil + Prozac. This was 1990, when Prozac was considered the wunderkind of antidepressants and I was only 13. So this is where I agree with Caleb that these meds can be shite, but if your mental health provider is a good one, they won’t experiment on you like a Guinea pig the way they did to me. 🙁

10) If you’re not in states/country where it is banned then a simple Google search will provide you reliable vendors. Kratom has very little direct interaction with other drugs. It doesn’t inhibit any enzymes or ant/agonise 5ht(serotonin) or effect Mao(I). I’m generally against kratom since it’s habit forming and could lead to serious opioid addiction depending on the individual, however when used responsibly it is a great study tool. 2-4g(max) daily. 1g ~ 2mg hydrocodone, with an extra stimulant kick. Mixed with caffeine it is fantastic. Opioids do reduce acute short term memory retention but low doses should not have much adverse effect. Kratom is without a doubt a healthy alternative to adderall. I would not tout it’s use to others at university tho, please try to keep it under the radar it already gets enough attention from the wrong people(politicians).

Caffeine goes great with kratom (best nootropic stack for memory and motivation) as does low dose l theanine. I love racetams but the rebound fatigue is too much for me. Piracetam doesn’t have this effect. Sulbutiamine is great imo and I feel it much more than piracetam. Ita just a good “up” feeling. Much different than caffeine.

Although kratom is habit forming it’s much better than some alternatives and it’s efficacy and efficiency is undeniable. I have always been 100% against it as a recovering opioid(ate) addict but I have discovered if used responsibly it is a fantastic tool. The three day WD is like a very minor flu compared to two weeks of extreme fatigue following adderall cessation or brain zaps and impending doom feeling of ssri discontinuation.. I’ll let others chime in on other nootropics(ik kratom isn’t a noot! :)).

Sulbutiamine( l thiamine) is my favorite noot and best nootropic stack will consist of this substance. I love adaptogen as well but most are better for anxiety/restlessness rather than focus, concentration,etc. While not a noot modafinil is pretty awesome too. Basically adderall lite without any recreational effects, just focus and motivation. If used long term then there will be a week or two of fatigue following discontinuation. This will be the case for many substances but is well worth it IMO.

11) Bulletproof! I’m a fan too. Completely open to ‘I could be wrong’. After doing research, I feel comfortable and have had bullet proof coffee for months straight and have increased vegies alot. And if you get the book, he talks a bit about various ways to improve memory, focus and concentration. Note, Nootropics Kratom support changes. You need to make positive changes. Get good quality sleep, raise your awareness about your body, mind, heart and soul.

12) Probably the most awesome nootropic short of dihexa. Cheap, incredibly effective, easy to dose, few if any side effects, active in mg range, and it has a curiously pleasant smell too due to being an ester. It is known as a hypermnesic agent. While, you might experience slight improvements in focus and concentration (I take the prami for these) its primary purpose is in increasing memory. In higher doses, I get photographic recall, though it impairs other cognitive functions like focus. It works best at long term potentiation, so in 3 weeks, you will remember 200% more of what you learned.

13) Noopept can be a part of the best nootropic stack . Moda will work on your alertness, motivation while Noopept will help your memory, reasoning and concentration. Noopept also offers neuroprotection.
If you plan to use Moda often make sure you take a Magnesium supplement and B Complex. You need these cofactors for increased neurotransmitter production. If your diet isn’t great, consider a multivitamin.

14) So I spent the majority of my night combining my Modafinil order with Piracetam and a choline supplement, by far the best nootropic stack, and here are my thoughts: I feel that the combo is highly effective and it is the best nootropic stack. The combination of memory improvement with skyrocketed focus is helping me to get through this book on Tudor England (reading marathon on hold until school is finished, as I am preparing for a history class being offered in the Fall quarter). I put on a nicotine patch earlier, but it came off while I was exercising (at that time, I used a scoop of a pre-workout supplement).
Now I want to stay up until the morning so that I can finish this book. The reading process is much easier than if I were to not have the Modafinil (or Piracetam) at my disposal, and my overall sense of mental clarity is pretty solid, especially after struggling with smoking for a couple of days.
I don’t think I’m going to do this combo often during school sessions since I value my sleep, but when I have some time off or if I need to power through some history, I’ll consider turning to the Modafinil/Piracetam/Choline stack next time.